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Floorcare System

1.  Floor Stripping

2. Neutralising

3. Sealing the floor

4. Glossing the floor

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Spray n Buff

Spray n Buff Floor Maintainer / Cleaner

Floor Maintainer / Cleaner

Spray n Buff is a neutral blend of detergents and waxes formulated to clean, freshen and maintain a high gloss finish on polished floors. Its regular use protects floors, prolonging intervals between polish application and stripping.

- Contains waxes which form a protective film

- Buffs to a deep gloss

- Use as a spray n buff with buffing machine or by mop application


Sweep the floor to remove dust and debris.  For Spray clean use diluted with 10 to 40 parts water, apply by fine spray and buff to a gloss finish with a standard or high speed machine, fitted with a spray cleaning grade pad or brush.

For wash and shine use diluted with 20 to 40 parts water and apply by clean damp mop, remove scuff marks with a nylon scourer or sprayclean pad. Allow to dry and buff to a gloss finish using a standard or high speed machine fitted with a soft pad or brush.


Suitable for use on all washable floors including, vinyl, linoleum, thermoplastic rubber, sealed wood, cork and terrazo.

Health & Safety Category  D                                                                            Product Code: 1629

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